Sunday, July 26, 2009

My First Trip Away From Brody

UGG...tomorrow morning I leave for Boston for our national sales meeting, I have a 7am flight out of MSP so that means I get to leave home at 5am in order to get to the airport. I thought of a million excuses "why" I could miss my flight but none of them seemed like they'd really fly if tested so I'll suck it up and head out. I return on Thursday night at 11pm so of course Brody will be in bed when i get home, so that means I won't get to squeeze my little guy until Friday. After 6 months of non stop time with Brody, I think there is a REALLY good chance this week is going to stink! It's amazing the love you have for your baby, I love my husband to pieces and he's my best friend but with Brody its an all new kind of love...I know all parents say that but until you have one of your own you don't know what its like.

Jason and I were both thankful that Nana was able to come up for the week while I was away other wise Brody would spend from 7am to 6pm at daycare as Jason would have to drop off and pick up. So it's nice quality time for Brody and Nana as she's planning to keep him home all week with her. I know they'll manage without me but I sure will miss them!!

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