Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Throw Back...!

I always tease my mom that she saves everything but this past weekend i was thankful that she did! She brought me the first tub (of many)...that house the toys I used to once play with when I was little. It was like Christmas all over again as I pulled out each item and reminisced about when I got it and how much I loved that particular toy at the time! Of course being that Brody is a boy my mom left the Strawberry Shortcake dolls, Barbi dolls and other random dolls at home for when and if we ever have a little girl, however in the bottom of one bin were some Cabbage Patch Kids...not of them as I was a spoiled little brat with some 10 dolls!

Not only did she bring some toys, but she also had 4 baby blankets that were made for me when I was a baby...! Thanks for hording mom, I promise to never tease you about it again!!

Who Remembers Pound Puppies and Pound Kitties??A few of my Cabbage Patch Kids...

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