Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Beautiful Sun Rise
This past weekend we ventured up north to Duluth for the first time as a family. Duluth is about 3 hours north of Minneapolis, the drive alone was very scenic. Jason's company has a home right on the water that we stayed at for the weekend. It was in a perfect location with amazing views of Lake Superior, not to mention that the home was really, really nice! The weather was perfect all weekend as well so we really took advantage of that. We drove up on Friday afternoon and Brody slept the whole way. Once arrived and unpacked Jason ventured out to find a grocery store and brought us back a yummy dinner.

Brody is ready for a walk on the beach!

On Saturday morning we were up and at em' early, we departed the house around 8am for Gooseberry Falls, which is an hour and a half further north. We took the scenic drive viewing many beautiful homes right on the water. Once we arrived at Gooseberry Falls, we put Brody is his stroller and walked all the path's to see the falls. Surprisingly on the 4th of July it wasn't busy at all so we didn't have to fight the crowds.

Following that we made a stop at the ever famous "Betty's Pie" for lunch and of course PIE. On Saturday they had some 20 different types of pies, it was a hard decision to make but I went with blueberry and Jason selected a pie with rasp, blue and blackberry's. I must admit his was tastier than mine!Then we headed back to Duluth to meet up with Chad and Kristy who joined us for the rest of the day and over night. We went to Canal Park and walked along the water and then headed to their favorite ice cream shop. (can you see that our weekend was all about eating!!!) Then back to the house as it was getting late and time for Brody to head to bed.That evening we grilled out burgers and hot dogs and had all sorts of other yummy food. Of course nothing says 4th of July like cocktails so we ensured we had plenty of those. We sat on the deck and chatted the night away...and before we knew it the fireworks were going off and we could only see the very top of the fireworks due to the trees!!! Then Kristy had a great idea to have our own firework display with sparklers...great idea except that we couldn't find a lighter to light them!! Oh well maybe next year!!!

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