Saturday, June 12, 2010

B2's Furniture and Crib Bedding

Gosh, when I was pregnant with Brody I took tons of belly shots and gave lots of updates...round 2 I've only take belly shots once...I'm afraid B2's baby book in the beginning is going to be a little sparse!
When my mom was here Jason and I were able to go shopping for baby furniture. We looked on line at Munire, the same brand we got Brody...and found something that we liked and sure enough, loved it even more in person. Below is a picture of the crib and dresser/bookshelf combo we ordered. We also got a night stand and a really awesome recliner chair that you just push the button and it reclines for you...will be perfect for all those late night feedings! Cool boy bedding is really hard to come by, so prior to finding out the sex of B2, I searched all over on line to find something cool. Below is what we ended up going with, modern square print with light yellow, bright orange, chocolate brown, tan, bright blue and an army green color (an odd color pallet but they seem to work well together!). The walls will be a light yellow/butter color and then Jason will be painting squares in the other various colors. We haven't ironed out the exact design just yet but it will be equally as cool as Brody's room!

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