Saturday, June 12, 2010

16 months old

Such a big boy! This Monday he officially moves up to the toddler room at daycare. Both Jason and I are thrilled with this, based on his recently biting incidents we figured he was getting bored in his current room, and sure enough last week he was transitioning to the toddler room and had no issues with biting. In fact a couple of different days when Jason and I went to pick him up, he wasn't nearly as excited to see us as he normally is in the old i guess this is a good thing!

He's jabbering a lot, still not a huge vocab but he's coming around. Being the oldest in Infant B room didn't help his speech so now being the youngest in the toddler should help move his vocab along nicely! He's very good at baby sign so at least we aren't frustrated as we always know what he wants! He's really into books, enjoys building towers with blocks and of course, like most boys, likes to play ball. He's still an ultra picky eater, Jason blames this on me...which is probably true, while growing up the only thing I ever wanted was a cheeseburger with only ketsup!! Right now he's big into fruit and loves anything carb related but can you blame him?! His meat in take is poor, he will put most anything in his mouth (which is great) but typically spits it back out. I'm thinking that J and I have been too accommodating for the little guy because at school he eats it all! Go figure!

Here's Brody with his newest favorite snack, cracker with cream cheese on it.
(thanks to the Bennett-Ward girls!!)

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