Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nana's Visit

My mom has never been afraid of hard work and getting her hands dirty and she accomplished both while visiting us a couple of weeks ago!! My mom is incredible with her yard, tending to all her flowers and just making everything look so pretty, so I had mentioned that our landscape "needed some work", so she said she'd help out when she was here. Little did Jason and I know that the landscape, according to "the gardener" needed a lot of work. First off, she pulled all the weeds, that alone was no simple task, then she planted all sorts of new stuff and moved some other stuff around, then she "fluffed" all our mulch to make it look new again (which saved us $500 as i had just gotten a quote from a landscaper) and much much more! I think she spent at least 3 days out there and several neighbors commented about how great it looked and asked if she was "for hire"...LOL! We can't thank her enough for all her labor in our yard, now the biggest task is to keep it looking perfect until she returns in Sept! THANK YOU NANA!!!!

i know she hates this picture but i love it...this is what you call "hard at work"!!
Brody and Nana find time for a ride in the cozy coupe!Saturday we blew up this fun little pool for Brody to splash around in. He hated it! The problem was the water that shoots out is ICE cold, so we couldn't let the sun warm it! He loves the water but not when it's freezing cold!

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