Saturday, December 4, 2010

7 Weeks and 21 1/2 months

Brody is such a big boy these days and he continues to amaze us! He loves to count, spell his name, build towers and play with his cars. He's also taken a great interest in Cam recently, so much so that I can't leave he and Cam in the same room together. The other day I went to start my car and came back and Brody was laying on Cam giving him love. He is always very gentle and has never shown any aggression towards the baby but you just never know!

Cam...this little guy has given me a run for my money. He's had these terrible witching hours in the evening from 4-8 and you just never know if its going to be 30 minutes or 4 hours. I found that the only thing that consoles him is a walk on the for several nights i'd put him in the baby bjorn and calm him that never hurts to get my rear on there as well! He's great during the day and gives lots of smiles and coos like crazy, we just need to get past this colic/crying phase in the evening!!

Brody's checking out Cam in the pack and play.
Ohh nice gentle touches!
Last Saturday morning before breakfast Brody was cruising through my
People magazine, he too enjoys a little Hollywood gossip!!

Little Camden, Happy Boy By Day...

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