Monday, December 20, 2010

Camden 11 weeks

What a sweet baby boy we have now, we've turned the corner from the crying nights!!! PRAISE GOD! He's such a sweetie now, he smiles all the time and loves to talk/coo. Why is it that they turn the corner to a happy baby right when it's time to go back to work?! We still have sleep challenges...when he had colic for 6 weeks we held him in the evenings once he fell asleep as we didn't want to "wake the dragon" we've created a baby that can't seem to sleep unless he's being held. Obviously when he was crying we had to do it but now reversing that is very difficult! He starts daycare next week and its going to be very hard for him adjusting to not being held, breaks my heart quiet honestly. Speaking of daycare, ughh, it doesn't get any easier with baby #2, I dread next weeks drop off. So hard when they are so tiny...I know he'll be in good hands, both of the teachers Brody had are still in that same room so I do have some comfort in knowing he will be well cared for!

How cute is this hat, I ordered it from a lady on that Aunt Amy introduced me to!

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