Thursday, March 12, 2009

We Love Visitors!

On Monday Ann and Tate came over to visit. Tate was born 6 days after Brody, so it will be fun as they get old to get the boys together for play dates! It's been fun having Ann to compare baby notes with along the way. We work together and we both wonder how its possible to work all day, come home to a baby and husband and then still have time to cook/clean/do laundry and find 5 minutes for ourselves, I guess come May we'll both find out!

Tuesday afternoon our wonderful neighbors Shelley and Courtney came over to watch Brody while i ran to Babies R Us to make an exchange. It was so nice for me to get out of the house as some days i don't even get fresh air. Brody slept the whole time i was gone which i know was a bummer for Courtney but there will be plenty of awake times in the future for Courtney to entertain Brody! Thank you sooo much for coming over!!
Our other neighbor Cami came over late Tuesday afternoon and would you believe i forgot to get a photo!! I'm kicking myself as i've been so good about getting pics of all the visitors! Good excuse for you to come back and see us Cami! Cami has two children and is expecting a third little boy in it will be fun to get the boys together this summer and also go for walks around the neighborhood! I need to spend more time with Cami because she's super Martha Stewart...she made two swaddle blankets for Brody and brought some TO-DIE-FOR blueberry/lemon bread....oh my gosh is it good!! Perhaps if i just spent more than 5 minutes in the kitchen i too could make something wonderful like this...but don't hold your breath!! See you soon Cami!

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