Monday, March 30, 2009

Auntie Nancy Visits From Atlanta

Brody is a lucky little guy with lots of "aunties and uncles"...! Nancy came this past weekend to visit from Atlanta, was so great to see her as it had been far too long since we were able to get together! She arrived on Friday and left on Sunday so it was a short but enjoyable weekend. Nancy and her husband Kevin don't have any children but she was a real natural with Brody. Well wait, they do have children...furry children...2 dogs along with horses and cats...and all sorts of other barn varmints! While Nancy was so excited to meet Brody she also got a very exciting outing with Jason and Chad to the gun range...YEAH the gun range! She shot several guns but said the highlight was the AK47 and a 50 cal, which i think weighs as much as she does! Of course I stayed home with Brody as the gun range is no place for Brody...and me for that matter! On Sunday I took her to the Mall of America as everyone needs to experience that place! We met up with JRo, Logan and Landon at Bubba Gump for lunch. Nancy was able to get in a little power shopping and was surprised to learn that she didn't have to pay sales tax on her clothing, a great bene to living in Minnesota! Jason looked after Brody so it was a nice time for Nancy and I.Nancy and Brody

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