Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Our Favorite Products So Far...

I've had a lot of friends ask what baby products we like so here is my list at 4 1/2 weeks, I will update once i use more stuff as Brody gets older.

1. Boppy Newborn Lounger-different than the regular Boppy, we got both and i think its worth it. Click HERE
2. My Brest Friend Pillow (once you get past the silly name...), this is the best thing EVER for breastfeeding. It has two bumps on the front of the pillow that allow baby's head to rest comfortably while feeding. The regular Boppy just didn't cut it for breastfeeding purposes. Click HERE
3. Itzbeen Timer-when sleep deprived this is the best thing ever! Has a timer for diaper change, feeding, sleeping and another for misc timing. Awesome! Click HERE
4. Aquaphor Ointment-my coworker recommended this item to help protect against diaper rash. It also helps moisturize very dry skin...also there is one for baby and one for adults...they are the same thing, just different packaging (baby more expensive). Click HERE
5. Wipe Warmer-especially for little boys, the cold wipes tend to startle them which inturn could give you a nice spray! Click HERE
6. Halo Sleep sack-best to keep them warm and also to swaddle...keeps them snug verse blankets that can come uptucked. Click HERE
7. Baby scissors-i tried filing his long nails...forget it...go for the scissors, they work awesome and you don't have to worry about cuting them like you would with nail clippers!
8. Sunny Sunshine from Infantino-Brody loves this item; Sunny lights up and plays music. Click HERE
9. Diaper Champ-keeps stinky diapers at bay...and you use grocery bags as refills so no added expense. Click HERE

Brody with his buddy Sunny!!

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