Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy St Patrick's Day....Week 6 Update

I can't believe Brody is already 6 weeks old...seems like just yesterday we got home from the hospital. On St Paddy's Day we ventured out to our first resturant...and nothing says St Paddy's like Mexican food!!! We fed Brody before we left and he slept the entire time, he was an angel!! I had my first alcoholic beverage since May 2008...a blended strawberry margarita...Mmm tasty!!
Judy and I enjoyed a margarita...while Jason and his dad enjoyed tea and water! =)
Spring has sprung in Minnesota...well at least it did last week! We enjoyed unseasonably warm temps which allowed me to get out with Brody and go for a nice to get fresh air for both Brody and I. We are loving our Valco stroller; it turns on a dime, is light weight and can be pushed very easily with one hand, love it! Jason and I even went off roading where it was muddy and it handled well in that terrain.Getting stronger...Brody can hold his head up for brief moments. Here you see how strong he is while Jason is holding him, such a big boy! He also does very well with tummy time (when he doesn't fall asleep right away) as well.

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