Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nana Daycare, Cooking and Cleaning Service

WOW, words can't even begin to express my sincere appreciation for my mom!! She spent 3 weeks with us and she was a saving grace! Both Jason and I were thankful to have her here...she helped out some much! She cooked a yummy meal every night, she always got me breakfast and lunch while Jason was at work, she cleaned the house nonstop but most importantly she was able to spend quality time with Brody. She was here during, what we pray was his peak of fussiness and had a way to really soothe and calm Brody. She's the one that identified that he loves to be sang to and often times in his state of frustration a little "Mary had a little lamb" went a long away...and the GOOD news is that he doesn't care if you can't hold a tune, he just likes the noise!

Jason and i offered to hire her on full time for her services but evidently we can't afford her! She headed back to Nebraska on Tuesday and we really miss her!!


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