Sunday, May 31, 2009

Week 16

I can't believe how fast Brody is growing...this Friday we have his 4 month check up and I'm dying to see what the pediatrician has to say about his growth and development! He's now eating 6 oz every 3 hours (except at night) and I'd imagine the pediatrician will recommend we start trying cereal! Cereal?!? I can't believe it, seems like yesterday he just arrived, boy how time flies! He loves to be read to and also enjoys all his fun colorful toys. One thing we have noticed is that when the TV is on his eyes are glued to it...even when you are trying to give him a bottle he turns his head to see the TV. He likes sports most of all...LOL...the other morning I came downstairs and I heard Jason saying, "yea Brody that's Lebron James...", he'll know all the great athletes by the time he can talk if Daddy has any say!

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