Friday, May 15, 2009

BIG Boy Update...Week 14.

Today Brody is 14 weeks...where has the time gone!? I quickly realized after visiting my neighbor Camie's newborn that Brody is not that tiny, fragile baby anymore...he really is a big boy!

This week posed a few challenges at the Ward household as Sunday Brody came down with a cold after only 1 week at daycare; lots of coughs, sneezes, watery eyes and boogers galore. Poor little guy couldn't sleep laying down as he couldn't breathe so he spent the next 3 nights sleeping more upright in his bouncy next to our bed. I finally had to pull out the trusty bulb syringe we got at the hospital. Funny how that prior to having a baby, I was always so grossed out to see moms wiping their baby's nose with bare hands and picking, well I'm "one of them", not so gross when its your own baby! Ahhh Motherhood! He seems to be feeling better but still continues to sneeze, I though perhaps that he had allergies but the pediatrician said that he's too young for allergies that it has to be a cold. I know this is the first of many colds our little guy will get but it's still his first so I had to write about it!

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