Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Nature Walk...

Beggars can't be choosers and when Brody goes to bed at 7:30pm and sleeps until 4:30-5am at 3 1/2 months we can't complain. So I've decided to embrace the 4:30am wake up call from our little the last couple of weekends after the 4:30-5am bottle (of course Brody would rather stay up than go back to bed), we go for a walk. It's actually quiet peaceful at that hour, a nice chill in the air and you can hear the birds chirping. The other morning I happened to take my camera with me to snap a couple of photos, these were actually taken around 6am. It was our nature walk...the lake was so pretty and calm that you could see the trees reflection in the water.

The next morning Jason, Brody and I set out for a early morning walk (forgot my camera), we ended up walking for 2 hours (5 miles-ish), much further than we had planned. There is a great trail by our house that is very scenic. Brody was great and slept most of the trip and when he was awake he just enjoyed the scenery.

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