Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Great Flood of 2009

Well, Jason has said on many occasions, "go big or go home"...so I thought I'd live his life motto a couple of weeks ago...when I flooded our upstairs.....and our main floor...and why not hit the basement while you are at it!!!! Let me set up the scenario, got home late from work, kissed both my boys, ran upstairs to change and throw in a load of laundry and multitask like all mothers do. Brody had soiled a pair of pants, so i plugged the sink and turned on the water in the laundry room, remembered that I needed something in the bedroom I ran back in there, then back downstairs so that I could feed Brody dinner...during dinner clean up...it started raining...not outside as you would expect but inside...yep, through the chandelier in our dining room...and Jason yells, "water is coming through the ceiling"...and I knew that Jason's "Go big or go home" life motto was achieved...by me. Jason ran upstairs and the sink was on full blast, OBVIOUSLY, the floor was flooded out into the hallway. Oh boy did I make a huge mess...so to make this very long story short, we called a company who specialized in water, they were at our house in about 2 hours, ready for clean up. We knew that based on the amount of water, how long the water ran and the fact that it went all the way to the basement that we had major water issues that needed to be dried up ASAP to ensure no mold. So Immaculate Cleaning (for my MN friends, great company if ever needed) came to assess the situation, they had all sorts of fancy tools like an infra-red camera to detect water and several other devices, they ended up removing the ceiling in the dining room, the wall in the garage, all the baseboards in those areas as well as ripping up the carpet...the good news is that they showed us everything along the way so we could see the water inside the walls, ceiling, ect, so we knew that the steps they were taking were necessary to dry up everything.

So where are we at today?? Everything is dry...YAHOO, now the restoration begins. They have began putting the ceiling back in and the wall in the garage...from there, we'll need to have the new carpet put in and the everything painted...it will be the beginning of November before our house is back to "normal".

PS one thing that is important to note...my wonderful husband, not once made a comment about the mess or the expense but simply stated "accidents happen", for that I am thankful!! =)

Below are some pictures of the mess we have at home, which pictures don't do it justice...the estimate is some $55,000...not fun!!!
Scene of the crime...the utility sink.Fancy machine to dry out our house.
Drying out the dining room
Dining room ceiling...removed...
Me posing in front of the plastic...

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