Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family Pictures

Last Sunday was a beautiful, sunny fall day...thankfully given we had our family photos taken outside! Paula Charchenko our wonderful photog (if you recall she took Brody's newborn and 4 month pics) met us at the park and snapped all sorts of great pictures. The thing we love about Paula is that she doesn't take your typical pictures and she thinks outside the box. Like when she opened up her SUV and inside was a crushed orange chair...she had Jason haul it down to the wooded area to use a prop. I would have never thought about that but love her thinking! I haven't had time to go through them all in detail but a quick review shows LOTS of cute pictures in an orange chair, so can't wait to have time to really look through them! Below is the "teaser" she put on her blog. Brody looks like a little boy and not a baby's just crazy to think that he's almost 9 months! He did a pretty good job tolerating all the pictures, he was definitely over it by the end. I think next time we need a videographer on hand to tape the silly things parents will do to get their child to smile for the camera!

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