Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Time In MN

Recently my friend Ann and I met up and took our little guys to the pumpkin patch. It was a chilly day and it was clear that Brody was not yet prepared for the chilly weather, but who is?! I quickly realized that he wasn't dressed warm enough, which is a good thing to realize in early October as opposed to January! Anyway, Ann and I had a good time trying to entertain the boys but they weren't really into it, shocker huh at 8 months no interest in pumpkins! Next Year perhaps?!I picked out a couple of pumpkins and brought them home. At our house we don't carve pumpkins, first of all they'd never look like anything and second of all it's a lot of work! So i found these super cute pumpkin attachments at Target, they are far cuter than any pumpkin we could carve. Brody was very entertained by watching Jason/Uncle Mike put all the parts of the pirate on the pumpkin, well he was far more excited about putting the parts in his mouth rather!!

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