Monday, April 20, 2009

A REAL Cafe...

This past week Brody and I went to meet Jason for lunch. It was fun to meet his new coworkers but the real highlight was that he took me to an old school cafe. And when i say old school...i mean it! They still had brown vinyl booths with real dark wood and these god-awful light fixtures from the 60's, they have not remodeled since they opened. They are NOT known for their decor!

If I would have walked into this place with Jason not knowing they have great food I would have probably turned around and left, it was that bad...however Jason's friend Chad took him there a couple weeks prior and Jason raved about the food...not to mention when you see several cop cars in the parking lot you can pretty much bank on some good eats! The good news is that they still offer up old school prices and HUGE portions, I mean huge! In fact i had to take a picture of the pancake because you couldn't even see the big plate under it!!! We shared a huge blueberry pancake and a huge omelet!! So yummy...! Brody was so excited he even flashed several smiles to his daddy which i tried to get on camera (from the opposite side of the booth)'s not the best angel but you get the idea!

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