Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Junior League Bunny Brunch

On Saturday we went to the Junior League Bunny Brunch at the Golden Valley Country Club, it was a great event! We dressed Brody up in the cutest little Easter outfit and well that lasted all of 15 minutes upon arrival as we had yet another diaper blow out (ahh yes we just switched to size 2 diapers in hopes that would help elemenate this issue). Thank god we had an extra onsie in the diaper bag, then we wrapped him up in his blanket and called it good. Brody was thrilled to meet the Easter Bunny who was all of 5 ft tall. He also got his first stuffed bunny rabbit and Easter basket at the event! We sat with the Osendorf family...that way Brody and his best buddy Landon could visit! =)

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