Friday, April 24, 2009

I Survived...

Well I survived my first day back to work!! Brody had a "decent" nights sleep so that really helped me on Thursday morning. Perhaps he knew I needed as much sleep as possible so I'd be mentally prepared for my first day back to work! I got up, got ready, actually put on make up and wore something other than a track suit. I was feeling good until I came downstairs and heard a big happy squeal from Brody as his Nana talked to him. You see Brody is a morning baby, just like me...I enjoy the beginning of each new day and all the beauty it has to bring and Brody is the same way. So most of our conversations and smiles happen before 7 I knew this might be a challenge. As I approached Brody and started to talk to him he gave me BIG smiles...and of course in return that gave me lots of tears. It was really hard to leave my mom said "wouldn't you rather have smiles than crying??"...(Umm not sure as a cry might be easier to leave!). Anyway, I talked to my good friend Nancy on the way to work...she kept my mind occupied, thanks Nanc! I arrived at work to find a box of kleenex, a red bull (minus the vodka, which i'm still waiting on) and some mints from my coworker Tony, that made me laugh! Was fun to see everyone and get back into the swing of things. Around 10am, a knock at the office door...a flower delivery for me! As I opened the card and began to read, of course the tears began to flow again...would you believe Brody sent me flowers to wish me a great day at work and to let me know that he'd be ok. Was the greatest touch to a tough day...thanks JRo for helping Brody get those to my office, you're the best!! Thanks also to the many friends that sent me emails, text messages, facebook posts and phone calls. You have NO idea how much that meant to me!! You guys are the best!!

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