Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Inspiration, Just When It's Needed Most

Many of you know that I'm not looking forward to returning back to work on Thursday...hate the thought of leaving Brody with anyone. I know he'll be in good hands especially the next week with Nana here and of course once he goes to daycare on May 4 he'll be in good hands, I know this but its still hard to leave my little guy. Anyway, tonight I went to hope on Facebook to post my "thoughts" about my return to work...as I'm cruising around FB checking out what my friends are doing. I pass my friend Cody's remarks, in which he says..."The whole Lee family thinks that Katherine and Jay Wolf are an inspiration. Katherine, yours is miracle and you are a blessing: http://www.katherinewolf.info/". He peaked my interest so I went to the blog...talk about tears, WOW. Here I am a very healthy, able body who will GET to return to work, who will GET to pick up her son, who will GET to take him on walks and all of a sudden my sad feelings about returning to work aren't as sad, I am thankful as I am able. Katherine is an inspiration for sure, you must check out her blog. She's got one amazing, unbelieveable attitude about life and her recovery...I'm not sure I'd be the same way if faced with the same unfortunate circumstance.

Today I am thankful...

Click HERE to read her blog...and make sure to grab some Kleenex first.

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