Sunday, April 19, 2009

HI HO HI HO It's Back To Work I Go...

Time for you all to buy stock in Kleenex...

I can't believe how fast the time has gone, seems like just yesterday Brody was born and now this Thursday I'll head back to work. I've been dreading it now for many weeks and this past week was the worst...can you imagine this week now?!?! The sheer thought of leaving him brings me to tears, almost on a daily basis. I know he'll be fine but its just hard to leave him...(OMG here i go eyes filling with tears) we've been hanging tough for the last 10+ weeks, day and night. He's my right hand man...always there to listen to me blabber about something, loves to hear me sing (which i'm terrible), likes to go for walks, seldom complains and now he actually smiles and babbles, just in time for my return to work. As my coworker Chris put it, this is one of the many parenting milestones you'll endure over the next 18 years. He's right and I'll cry for all of those events too.

Tomorrow Jason and I are going to Primrose to meet Brody's "teachers" and turn in his paper work. He'll start there on May 4, in the meantime Nana will look after Brody for the next week and half. Having my mom here will be a nice transition before taking him directly to daycare. I think she's going to just die when she see's him tomorrow night. He's changed a ton since she last saw him at 3 weeks old. I'm thankful that she's able to help us out during the transition...thanks Mom!

Ok, so I know there is such a thing called "power of positive thinking". Which starting now i'm going to attempt to wrap my brain around...thinking about all the great things Brody will experience at daycare.

Come Thursday please send me positive vibes/prayers/good thoughts as I know my first day back to work will be filled with lots of tears.

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