Monday, February 23, 2009

Doctor, Doctor...Give Me The News...

Brody has his 2 week check up on Thursday at Southdale Pediatrics in Edina. We saw Dr Skallerud and she was wonderful (however Brody didn't think so!)! She gave Brody the once over and double checked his overall well being. She was very happy with his weight, she had stated that at the 2 week check they just want to see the baby back to it's birth weight. Brody has certainly surpassed that...

Birth Weight= 7lbs 13 oz
Hospital Departure Weight=7lbs 6 oz
In Home Nurse Visit (one week later)=8lbs
2 Week Ped appt=8lbs 5 oz
Which puts him in 75th percentile.

YEA! This makes me so happy as i've been stressed about whether or not he's getting enough breastmilk to drink and clearly he is!

Everything else is right on track. We'll head back for a 2 month check, which i'm totally dreading as he gets 5 shots on that visit. Ugg!!

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