Monday, February 9, 2009

Announcing The Newest Addition To Our Family...Broderick Malcolm Ward

He's here, he's here...its like Christmas in February...the gift of life! Words can't even begin to express the joy in our hearts over the arrival of our little guy. As Jason and I were chatting last night...we spent the last 9 months preparing for his arrival...what color to paint the nursery, what stroller to buy, what will we name him, all those little material things you do to "prepare for baby"...then on top of that I had to think about...did i get enough of the right fruits and veggies, oh no i had one too many caffeinated drinks, i should exercise but I'm tired...its 9 months of non stop thought/worry and obsession about this little baby inside your stomach...and then he arrives...and I'm speechless, it was the most overwhelming experience I have every had. (ahh crap i'm starting to cry...gotta love these post partum hormones) The joy in my heart just can't be explained, when they placed this innocent little baby on my stomach I wept tears of joy. At that moment in my life nothing else mattered, nothing...but this little innocent baby who, when i spoke to him stared right back at me...the look I'll never forget. We're overjoyed, we're overwhelmed and most importantly we are in love.

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