Monday, February 9, 2009

39 Week Update/Delivery

Well as you all know a lot has happened in the last 4 days...let me take you back to how this all began...the birds and the bees...LOL. Anyway, Thursday I had my 39 week appt and i was only dilated 1 cm and was so disappointed, i left wondering...When is he ever going to get here!? That evening I had plans for a i went to see Carly and about 15 minutes into the massage i started feeling really crampy...thinking in my mind that the more she massaged the better i would feel but it was the exact opposite, the crampy feeling i had just continued to get worse. When i got home i laughed with Jason and have the "worst massage ever" and thought it would pass. But as the evening grew on i found myself in more and more pain...but those "cramps" were actually contractions and i had NO idea what i was in for. I was up the majority of the night, tried all sorts of comfort measures recommended by our doula, I highly recommend the hot bath. The only thing mentally that helped me was to curse like a sailor, i think i used more "F bombs" in an hour than i have my whole life!! Around 6am evidently i told Jason "get in the car", he was coming one way or another. It was the longest ride ever to Abbott Northwestern Hospital (about 30 mins away)...I didn't think we could get there soon enough. We got the hospital and Jason dropped me at the front door with a security guard who took me to the maternity floor. It took them 5...yes 5 tries to get my IV started...then once that was established they were able to get me the epidural. Interestingly enough i was already 5 cm dilated once i got the epidural, i had felt more pain in the last couple of hours than i had in my entire life...that's where i'll recommend to all my pregnant friends...this is the time to DO DRUGS! I can't believe there are woman out there that do this type of thing naturally "just because"...those women are made of steal! So once I had comfort the rest was a relatively nice experience. By 3pm i was dilated to 9cm and the pushing began...and by 3:55 we had our bouncing baby boy! What a miracle!!

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