Monday, May 24, 2010

Seibolts Visit MN!

A couple of weeks ago my old college roomie Stacey, her husband David along with their two adorable children Henry and Ruby made the very long trek to Minnesota for the weekend. On Friday night, I hosted a girls night out which was really fun. Would you believe I got so side tracked i didn't even get one picture!!! On Saturday we made a trip to the Mall of American to see the aquarium. Unfortunately Brody didn't feel well so he didn't really enjoy it as much as Jason and I did! We ended up leaving the MOA at noon to get Brody home given he had been sick with a high temp the last few days.

Family Photo during Brody's snack time
Brody and Ruby snacking, Brody's not sure he wants to share!!Brody was loving touching the star fish and rocks in the water.Jason, Brody, Henry and David

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