Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

On Sunday for Mother's Day I joined JRo and Jen for the Susan G Komen breast cancer walk. Minneapolis has one of the largest groups in the country with some 50,000 walkers. It's a real moving experience to see all the people walking for one cause. I always get all choked up with I see ladies who have a sign that says "I walk in memory of my mom", I'm thankful to still have my mom! What an incredible tribute to those who have lost their life or continue to struggle with breast cancer.

After our walk we met up with the boys for brunch. That was short lived as the littlest boys, Brody and Landon wanted nothing to do with brunch. Brody was super crabby the whole time, didn't want to eat or sit in his chair. I was able to snap one picture of my boys before he really started to fuss! Once we got home he did take a long nap, i think it was just a busy weekend and he was worn out by Sunday!

I feel blessed to be a mom, Brody brings me so much joy...its weird to think what life was like before he blessed us with his arrival! Each day is a new adventure and he keeps us on our toys and keeps us laughing daily! We look forward to adding his brother to the mix for even more excitement!

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