Monday, December 7, 2009

Old Chicago Friends Reunite...

On our way back to Minneapolis we stopped to see Darren, Erin and Mya in Council Bluffs Iowa. Darren and Jason were friends in Chicago and I got to know Erin as well. We didn't spend too much time together as couples back in the day but Erin and I have spent a lot of time connecting in cyber space...odd but fun! Erin is the one who really got me into blogging and taught me the ropes of how to create one...and ever since we've chatting and kept up with each other through our family blogs! So it was really fun to see them...they are expecting baby girl #2 in December and they have the most adorable little girl, Mya who will be 2 in February. Brody really enjoyed his time with Mya as well, you know how he likes the ladies! Below are some cute snap shots we took while together! (bummed i didn't get any pictures of the adults!!)

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