Thursday, December 17, 2009


Clearly if there is something that Brody wants he gets up on all four's to get it otherwise he finds the army crawl to be just fine to get around. More and more he's been crawling on all fours but not consistently...while we were back in Nebraska Grandma Ellen bought Brody a moving ball popper that said it "encouraged crawling"...when we opened the ball popper in NE and every time we'd turn it on he'd cry, now granted he wasn't feeling well when we were home for Thanksgiving but I was surprised by his response to the fun toy. Well, since we've been home, we turn on the ball popper and its one of the only things that gets Brody up on all 4's and actually crawling, no tears or fears. It's pretty funny...the only time he can catch the little popper is if it gets stuck against the wall and then he's thrilled he caught up with it!

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