Monday, December 7, 2009

Giving Thanks...

We don't need a special holiday to give thanks...we are thankful every single day. We are blessed with an incredible family, great friends, good jobs and a roof over our head. Brody has been blessed with 3 sets of grandparents who love him very much and we were lucky enough to get them all in the same place for Thanksgiving, Nebraska! Jason's parents made the LONG drive from Maryland to spend the holidays with my parents. Of course we also made the very long trek to NE with a 10 month old, a nice 10 hour jaunt from MN through Iowa and across Nebraska...if you've ever driven that you know it's not so scenic. We left on Monday night at 7pm and drove straight through arriving in Merna around 4:30am...nice wake up call for my Mom and Wayne! Brody did well on the way out, the return a whole other story! Unfortunately he got sick and ran a high fever consistently, which took us to the Broken Bow Clinic (where i used to go when i was little) to have him checked out. He had all sorts of stuff going on, so we got an antibiotic and were on our way. Of course he didn't feel well and wasn't as chipper and happy as he typically is. The good news is that there were plenty of grandma's to make him feel better! Given he wasn't well we didn't get to make all the rounds to see additional friends and family, which was a bummer but he definitely wasn't up for it. Just in time to feel better it was time to return back to Minneapolis. We left on Saturday and drove to Council Bluffs IA to see some old Chicago friends, Darren, Erin and cute little Mya, who had relocated there. We spent the night and drove the other 6 hours on Sunday. Let me tell ya, we had a caged bear in the back seat. Nothing seemed to make him happy, he'd grab my arm and say "mama" in a plea for help. We tried books , toys, movies, singing...yea nothing could get us home soon enough! He was so happy to be home so he could crawl around and not be contained in his car seat. Regardless of the trials and tribulations, it was a great Thanksgiving!

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