Friday, January 30, 2009

Week 38 Update

Well, it appears that Baby Ward is holding out for some warmer weather as January is just too cold!! I had my 38 week check up yesterday and everything is great but NO progress. However as my OB says, just because there is no progress today doesn't mean you can't have your baby tonight, so i guess you just never know! I've always disliked the month of January; post holiday blahs, freezing temps, and little motivation for much so i shouldn't complain that he hasn't arrived just yet as i think i told him several times that he can come Feb 1 and after...which of course if he arrived on Feb 1 he'd share a birthday with his Nana (my mom) which would make her heart skip a beat for sure! So that means we've got to have some serious progress in the next 12 hours to make that happen! Baby Ward and I have also had a conversation about arriving past his due date of Feb 11, he's only allowed to be late if he arrives on Feb 14 and then he can be my VALENTINE!! I'm certain, like most children he's listening and will be sure to obey his mama!

As always I'm feeling great for the most part, starting to get more cramps but of course that's to be expected at this point in my pregnancy. I get up 1,000 times in the night to hit the restroom and when i initially get out of bed i feel like a 90 year old woman hobbling to the bathroom. I've also been contemplating my own company..."Diapers for pregnant woman"...given my own experiences i think there is a market out there for it! woman reading this who've had a baby know exactly what i'm talking about!!!

Attached is my 38 week and 3 day photo...! I'm not sure what i'll do when i can actually shave my legs by seeing them verse just feeling them!! Oh the trials and tribulations of a pregnant woman.

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