Sunday, January 25, 2009

Week 37 and 5 Days

Well here i am at a ripe 37 weeks and 5 days...i've given up on having Jason take a 1,000 photos to get the one where i look "just right"; not too chubby, not too pregnant...the reality is...i'm very pregnant and starting to retain there really is no "good" photo at this point! I now have cankles, swollen little piggies and i swear i would NEVER stop wearing heals during pregnancy...i made it to 36 weeks wearing those suckers but now it's all about flats and if it were warmer than zero in Minnesota i'd be in flip flops! No more wedding rings for me either as my fingers are starting to swell and my face is getting puffy...all to be expected as i round third base to home plate of 9 months of pregnancy!

Overall, i can't complain...Baby Ward has been so good to me. No morning sickness, no food oversions, no pregnancy drama so i'm thankful for that. I just hope he's as equally good to be during labor and delivery as he has been the last 8 1/2 months! Still experiencing hip pain and now many sleepless nights...i can't lay on my right side anymore as it hurts, appears he's got his heals dug into my rib cage. I sure hope he's comfortable in there cause i'm certainly not!

Friday i had my 37 week appt and the strep b test came back negative...great news! I've started to "thin" but as the OB said, "nothing to get excited about". So it's business as usual until Baby Ward decides to make his appearance. I'm back this Friday for week 38 check up!

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