Sunday, January 18, 2009

36 Week Update

Went to the doctor on Friday and everything is on track and still progressing nicely. I have gained 28lbs so far, which isn't bad but i started the pregnancy off a little chubby! =) The OB did an exam and found that Baby Boy Ward's head is very low however i haven't started to dilate. She guesstimated that he weights about 6lbs and 3 oz, not sure where she got that from but sounded good to me. At week 35 the OB i saw measured my belly several times and make the comment that "you're going to have a big baby"...great just want any first time mom wants to hear, so i was happy to hear that this OB seems to think baby is about 6 lbs. Watch me have some 12 pounder and be featured on the news..."woman gives birth to ginormous baby"...!!

So far i've felt pretty good, i continue to have crazy hip pain in which i wear this hot little hip belt to bed at night and see a physical therapist twice a week. That helps to ease some of the pain. In the recent i've started to have cramping which the doctor told me is due to baby's head being so low and the pressure. When i have these aches and pains I just remind myself that its a fraction of the pain i'll feel during labor...! On other thing that's become such a nuisance is the number of trips i make to the bathroom. I never thought it was humanly possible to go that often...I quickly realized that you can't "hold it" when pregnant...!

I head back to the doctor again this Friday for week 37 check up. I can't believe he's almost here...Jason and i are both filled with excitement and anxiety of the unknown.

Attached is a photo of me from today...I can't believe the belly i'm sportin'...!

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