Thursday, January 1, 2009

34 Week Belly Shot

As most of you know i'm a huge fan of pictures and always have been. Our house is plastered with pictures and of course I only select the ones where...I look good...I mean who wants to hang an ugly picture of themself. I feel the same way about posting photos on the blog...but as I come to the end of my pregnancy I have a really hard time finding a photo of myself where I feel like..."gosh i look good". For the 34 week belly shot I think Jason took about 6 pics and I still don't love any of them...I guess the pregnancy is catching up with me!! The face a little fuller (i know it can't be the reg trips to Red Robin!!), the skin even more washed out than normal and then the enormous watermellon i'm toting in the front...all a combo for my most cherished button on my computer...DELETE...anyway, i'm putting vanity aside for today...just look at the belly. I'm still feeling good other than the chronic hip pain and this new found acidic stomach ache that lingers all day, otherwise I'm doing great! On Monday I see the doctor for our week 34 check up. I'm on the final countdown...6 weeks give or take and the bun that's been baking for 9 months will see the light of day!

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