Saturday, August 23, 2008

Week 15

Been a weird week for me...i haven't felt pregnant. I'm certain Jason is tired of hearing me ask, "you think everything is still ok?" Perhaps rather than worry about it i should just consider myself lucky that i don't have the typical morning sickness and that my crabby mood and tired feelings have passed now that I'm into Trimester 2. Shannon tells me that i have plenty of time to feel pregnant and that i should just enjoy the time where i feel "normal" as in the future my thoughts will change dramatically. The one thing i still have is an appetite for destruction! I could eat anything and everything, however my biggest cravings are those that are fattening...perhaps the trip to the Minnesota state fair tomorrow will help those cravings!!!

Tuesday Aug 26, which is my 33rd birthday we have our week 16 excited to confirm that everything IS ok and that i am, perhaps, a partial head case!!

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