Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Minnesota State Fair - Week 16

Nothing makes a pregnant woman happier than eating and i did a great job of that at the MN state fair on Sunday! I ate cheese curds, followed by a corn dog, mini donuts, chocolate chip cookies and unlimited chocolate milk! I was in heaven! I also tried to new feature at the fair...chocolate covered bacon...and well it was as nasty as you'd imagine it would be!!

Let me explain a little further about the MN state fair. Here in MN it's considered to be the "great MN get together" and everyone, i mean everyone goes, not only does everyone go but every news station, both tv and radio, are live at the fair. It's the craziest thing so Jason and i felt compelled to attend with Emily Serrano (native Minnesotan) and crew as our tour guide. It was quiet the experience...Jason and i determined we wouldn't go back until Baby Ward could say "PIG & COW".

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