Friday, August 1, 2008

Week 12 Update

Today we had some elective testing done (for down syndrome and a handful of other things) at Southdale Medical Center. First we started out with the ultrasound...Baby Ward looked like he/she was sitting up and the nurse really needed the baby to lay down. So after numerous she has be do leg lifts on the table...still nothing...then she said i needed some sugar to get the baby she came back with a brownie!! Heck ya, a pregnant woman and a brownie go hand in hand!! Well this baby is just like his/her daddy and responded to the had flipped around and was laying on his/her back. So they were able to get the measurements needed. Then I had my blood drawn, which was easy. The test results will be available at the end of next week...we'll hope and pray that everything turns out healthy!

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