Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a busy Easter Sunday this year. We went to church with our favorite neighbor friends, the Jacobs and then they came over for brunch after. We had a tasty egg bake, monkey bread and fruit salad, great company and a great meal! (kicking myself as i didn't get pics!!)

Then after Brody woke from his nap we headed over to Chad and Kristy's for a late afternoon lunch/dinner. Holy cow did they have a spread...turkey, potatoes, mac & cheese, cheese rice and bread....YUMMY! After we stuffed ourselves silly we decided to take a walk before dessert so we set out on a pretty little trail in their back yard and walked for 45 minutes (the day was beautiful), then back to the house for blueberry pie and ice cream. Overall, it was a wonderful day spent with special friends who have become our family here in Minnesota!Brody was LOVING Napolean. This was really the only time he sat still so Brody could pet him... Brody is a HUGE fan of gold fish so Chad and Kristy gave him a big container for Easter. I tried to take one out of his hand while snapping this picture, if he could talk he'd be saying "back off, these are all mine!"A couple of the toys in the Easter basket from Uncle Chad and Auntie K, he loved them!

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