Sunday, April 18, 2010

First Zoo Trip

Yesterday we ventured to the MN Zoo with the Thompson family. We met there at 9:30, it was pretty chilly to start but it got very nicer as the morning progressed. We walked around for a couple of hours, had lunch and then departed. We bought a family membership so that we could go back as often as we want this summer...we only saw a fraction of the zoo on the first trip but we'll be back in two weeks with the Osendorf family and we'll see more at that time!

Coming from Nebraska, goats are a dime a dozen. People have them on their farms, small children rope and herd goats all the time, they are not something you see at the zoo. Well at the Minnesota Zoo they had all sorts of goats and you could actually go in and pet them...Brody was in heaven. Every time he'd get near one he'd let out a scream and either grab it or try and rub his face in their fur, he LOVED it and watching his reaction was the highlight of the morning!

He also like the BIG "kitty", the leopard was right by the glass pacing back and forth.

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