Sunday, April 18, 2010


I've heard numerous stories from friends with little ones, once they get past the first couple of teeth and the rest start to come in, they like to bite. Last weekend while in Duluth Jason saw that Brody was getting in two of his top molars and we didn't think much of it...until Monday when we got notification that Brody had bit the same little girl in his class, not once but twice within 30 minutes. I remember the first time I was notified that Brody was bitten I was upset and now we are on the other end! Monday night we did another assessment of Brody's mouth and not only did he have two top molars coming in but 4 other teeth as well, equally 6 teeth. This doesn't make the situation any better but at least it explains the change in his behavior. So last week in total we got 3 nasty grams from daycare about Brody biting other children in his class. It's NO fun to sign off on those's to a better week!!

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