Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Eve

We had a fun NYE this year...we had some friends over for dinner and drinks...we together rang in the new year!

This picture cracks me up as it's probably the 5th one we took trying to get Brody and Landon to look at the camera AND wear their hats at the same time!

JRo and I
Seldom do we get pictures together anymore, they are always of Brody!
The Ladies! Jen, me, JRo, Emily, Gina and Kristy (sorry to picture of the guys, evidently they didn't want to pose on the stairs!!)
Uncle Chad and Auntie Kristy with Brody
Chad and Kristy continue to spoil Brody! This is one of the many Christmas gifts he got from them. Worth the post given it's a Cub's book with Brody "on deck"...I knew Uncle Geoff would just cringe seeing B in a Cub's hat vs Cardinals!!

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