Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Move To Infant B.

Yesterday Brody was finally switched over from Infant A to Infant B room. Infant A is where they house the newborns and Brody was by far the oldest and had been in A for 8 months. He's was getting bored and didn't have a lot of kids to play with, so yesterday was the big move. Clearly his first day he was quite adventurous as the teacher said she turned around for a moment to do something and when she turned back Brody was on top of the table!! He's really into climbing these days so it was no surprise that he did it! New fun stuff to crawl all over!

Today I dropped him off and it was a full room, he was the last child (#8) to arrive for the day. In Infant B the kids are very mobile most already walking so Brody is definitely now at a disadvantage and that was clear to me this am...i was putting his milk in the frig and I hear a very loud scream and cry, I quickly turned around to see another little boy (who's 16months) on top of Brody, (dog pile style) while another little girl looked on...i quickly removed the other little boy and picked up Brody who was, by this time, crying hysterically. As i tried comforting him, he cried more and grabbed a hold of my coat as if he was saying "mama don't leave me here"...as I passed him over to the teacher his little lip quivered and he continued to cry, by the time I was ready to go he was at the table ready for breakfast (just like his daddy, he can be upset but then you feed him and everything is ok!). It was a tough way to start my Tuesday for sure!!

This will not be the last time that I think someone treated Brody unfairly or was mean to him but the first time sure did upset me! Poor little guy, I can't wait to get home tonight and cuddle my little guy!!

BOOOOO to bullies!!!!

PS I think the teacher felt bad so she had Brody send me an email today:

Hi Mommy and Daddy!

I have been having a great day at Primrose today! I love that my friend Tobin is in my classroom now and we have played all day together. I really have enjoyed trying to find the toys that make a lot of noise so I can make my own music. I am so smart! I have also enjoyed picking out stories to read from the book bin and exploring the small cars.

I hope you are having a good day!



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