Saturday, July 7, 2012

Playground Fun With Grandpa Ed & Grandma Ellen

Grandpa Ed and Grandma Ellen went to the park with us one day, we got there by 9:30 and it was already a toasty 90 degrees, HOT! The boys had fun playing on the equipment, especially the old school merry-go-round, which I think was still there from when I was a child. Brody continued to request "FASTER, FASTER, Daddy"...but i do recall how nauseating that can feel after too long so I encouraged a change to something else! It really was fun to take the boys back to play in the "Square" as i spent a lot of time as a child there!

Grandpa Ed and Cam
The old school rocker toy, i swear these are also still here from when i was young

Brotherly Love in the Gazebo
Grandpa Ed and Brody chillin' on the slide
Old School Merry-Go-Round

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