Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nano and Papo

Growing up I had an extended "family", the Mattox's...Nano and Papo were like my 3rd set of grandparents. I used to spend countless hours at their house whether my parents were in town or not. I just loved being at their house, not to mention Nano was always cooking up something yummy and she had the endless glass of classic coke i always liked to drink from. I have tons of fond memories from my childhood...!

They continue to be very special people in my life, recently Nano has gone through some health challenges so i was thankful i could get back and see her. She met Brody and Cam for the first time and that was very special as well. I wish we could have stayed longer!!
Papo showing Brody and Cam the pencil trick, of course they wanted to do it "Again, again"

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