Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brody's Skating Adventure

In January Brody started skating lessons, we thought it would be a fun winter activity for him. Of course living in the land of 10,000 lakes you must learn to ice skate. We got all the gear and set out for a fun Saturday morning activity...week 1 our neighbor/friend Erik joined us, given neither Jason or I skate so we thought it would be good to have an expert there to help. Much to our...my excitement...Brody was NOT interested. So after 3 painful weeks of skating we stopped, it wasn't worth the time or energy. We'll try again in a year or two when Brody is a bit older!

Brody getting direction from his teacher
Attempting to stand up with Erik's assistance
Courtney and Cole joined Erik to watch Brody "skate"
Brody enjoyed skating with a chair on the Jacob's ice rink
Brody and Cole

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