Monday, August 9, 2010

Nursemaid's Elbow

Say what?! Exactly what I said when I heard the ER doc give the diagnosis of Nursemaid's elbow...simply put it's a dislocated elbow. We had Brody's 1 1/2 year pics taken yesterday and as we were leaving Brody didn't want to go down to the hall so Jason gave him a swing out the door by the hands and it happened that quick. Long story short, we made a quick trip to the ER (literally quick, in and out in 10 mins) and the doc put it back into place. I understand it is very common with small children because their ligaments/tendons/muscles aren't strong enough yet. So be weary of swinging your child by the hands (regardless of how much they love it) verse under the arms as it can happen very easily!

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