Sunday, February 28, 2010

BIg Boy

I snapped this picture the other day and when i looked at it I quickly realized how much Brody looks like a big boy and not a baby anymore. Of course with the toddler stage comes all sorts of fun and not so fun things. Some of the fun things include: his giggle is hearty and its quiet contagious, he loves to talk and respond to you, he likes to play ball and is loving books...some of the not so fun things include: tantrums, so it's no surprise that Brody ended up with the worst trait from Jason and I...stubborn when we have to take something away from Brody or remove him from a situation often times he likes to respond with throwing himself on the floor and proceed to scream, cry and thrown a real fit. The other new thing that's not so fun is he's a bear in the morning, which is a new thing. Now any Ward reading this KNOWS that he got this trait from that side of the family as none of them seem to be big fans of the morning! He wants you to come get him, hold him, give him some milk and depending some mornings he wants to play by himself other mornings just wants you to hold him but you don't even think about a diaper/clothing change for the first 20 minutes. :)

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