Thursday, September 4, 2008

Baby Ward To Sleep In Luxury!

Last Saturday we went baby furniture sister in law Deidree's advice was, don't spend too much as they chew and poop on everything! Anyway, with that piece of advice and our baby bargains book (this book is wonderful other than they are clueless when it comes to Avent) in hand we head to USA Baby. Boy do they have quiet the selection of furniture and it's all set up to look like the baby's room...presentation really is everything! We ended up going with a set from Munire, color selection was Cabernet (a tribute to an old friend :)). We went with the crib and dresser with hutch and of course why don't you throw in the toddler rails and twin conversions as well. Sheesh, say baby, add $1,000 to your total! Nice thing is that the crib converts to a toddler bed and then a twin bed, so essentially 3 in one!

It will take some ridiculous 12 weeks so by mid November we'll have the furniture. I laugh as I've always been the "I want it now" kind of shopper but Jason reminded me that, there is no hurry unless i'm planning to sleep in the crib! Which with these hormones some days i can cry like a baby!

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